About us

The costs of setting up a simple website are as follows:

Obtaining a domain name

Your website will require a name so that people can find it. This could be something like www.mybusiness.co.uk.

This would be arranged for you through Cornwall Web Services, 5 Frances Street, Truro, Cornwall.

Their current charge for this service is £25 + VAT = £29.37. Your domain name registration lasts for 2 years, and then needs to be renewed. (Most companies typically charge £39.99 for this service)

Site Hosting

This would be arranged for you. Your site would be hosted on the large server at Cornwall Web Services (cornwall.net). This will allow for fast access by those who visit the site.

Their current annual fee for hosting your site is £95 + VAT = £111.62.

If you are registered for VAT, both of these charges can be invoiced directly from Cornwall Web Services so that you can reclaim the VAT.

Website Production

We would liase with you about possible designs and colour schemes for your pages. You could maybe start with 4 or 5 pages. More can be added later if required.

A website could be produced to your requirements for £35 per page.

This can include up to 5 images per page. We can scan in any good quality photos or artwork (e.g. your logo) you may already have, or can use digital images which you may have, and can supply on disk. If you can supply the main text elements on disk it would be helpful.

The charge includes reworking your images to be the correct resolution for fast loading on a website and to be the right size for the pages. It also includes linking your pages together, and linking your site to external sites as required.

You can have a ‘hit counter’ added to your site, if you want one.

Your site would be submitted to the most popular search engines for inclusion in their listings, although no one can guarantee they will list it.

Additional Services

We could visit your premises and photograph your building, facilities, and staff team, with a digital camera, if you wish. The pictures on the Hayle Practice site were taken this way.

There would probably be an extra charge for this service, which would depend on your requirements, and how far away you are.

Site Maintenance

There is nothing worse than an out-of-date website.

So it is very important that the information on your site is updated regularly, and we will do that for you.

There will be no additional charges for alterations to your pages during the first year. (This is limited to one set of alterations per month)

For the second, and subsequent years, the maintenance charge is present £6 per page per year, payable at the beginning of the year, when you also pay your year’s site-hosting fee. You would just have to let us know what you wanted to alter.

Additional pages could be added as required at £35 per page.