Our Services

Obviously you have to decide what text is going to go onto your pages. If you can supply the main text elements on disk it would be helpful.

You can include up to 5 images per page. We can scan in any good quality photos or artwork (e.g. your logo) you may already have, or we can use digital images which you may have if you can supply them to us on disk.

The charge for each page includes reworking your images to be the correct resolution for fast loading on a website and to be the correct size for the pages.

It also includes linking your pages together and linking your site to external sites as required.

We will add a ‘hit counter’ to your site, if you want one, and submit your site to the most popular search engines for inclusion in their listings, although no one can guarantee they will list your site.

Additionally, if you are located reasonably close to our base at Penzance, we could visit your business, and photograph your building, and your work team, with a digital camera, if you wish. The pictures on the Hayle Dental Practice site were taken this way.